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Where it all started

Inverurie Beer Festival was founded of the back of Banchory Beer Festival,which started in 2014 by two local Banchory brothers Mungo & Guy Finlayson, who have a passion for good food & drink and wanted to bring something new to the Deeside area.

MFGF Events Ltd the events company the brothers founded to run the festivals has only grown from strength to strength after it's launched back in April 2014. The idea was brain stormed one winter night in early 2014 and eventually became a reality when they founded the company at companies’ house on the 1st of April 2014.

Mungo Finlayson :: Operations Director

Mungo Finlayson :: Operations Director

  • Role: Co- Founder / Operations Director
  • Favourite Drink: Warner Edwards Gin

Mungo is the older brother in founding the festival and is everything that everyone else isn’t- operations, marketing, sponsorship's, logistics, staff morale– the list goes on for his role of jobs but just don’t make him do anything practical with a nail or a screw he’s better supervising a bar build than getting involved with one! Mungo’s official title is Director of Operations & Public Relations. He brings his experience from previous roles in travel management but claims he wings most of it! Mungo loves to interact with festival goers and chat about what they like and maybe dislike about our events- the end of the day we need feedback of all types to improve our festivals! So feel free to chat to him during any of our festivals! When Mungo’s not wearing his sensible hat he enjoys a gin and tonic and a dance to the Mad Ferret band. His favorite colour is orange hence the orange management team polos!