Beer, Cider, Rum, Gin, Vodka, Prosecco, Street Food, Live Music

27th & 28th of March @ Lochter Activity Centre, Oldmeldrum **Please note date change to March 2020

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A festival of great beer, cider, gin, prosecco, Banchory’ s local rum, unique street food and great live music.

Welcome to the online world of Inverurie Beer Festival. We believe in giving our festival goers more than just a beer festival that’s why we offer a whole range of excellent drinks for everyone’s taste.

Inverurie Beer Festival is a bi-annual event once in April with our smaller festival “Beer @ the Barn” and again in September with our larger summer festival, both held in doors, the smaller Beer @ the barn event at Lochter and our larger event at Thainstone. Founded in 2015 by Banchory brothers Mungo & Guy Finlayson the festival has grown arms and legs, Inverurie Beer Festival was founded off the back of Banchory Beer Festival.

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